Shedding Shoes Indoors For Comfort, Prevention

Crafted from quality suede and leathers in slip on or lace styles, and finished with superb nautical inspired detailing, our range of ladies sailing shoes offers the ultimate in style and comfort. We want to show you that you don’t have to choose between comfort and style when you can actually have both! They may be fairly ubiquitous, but they have the advantage of coming in so many colours and styles that it’s not too hard to find a pair that match your particular tastes. Fashion deck shoes may look the same, but if they’re not constructed properly they’ll be worse than useless on a slippery deck. And, of course, it’s only the wrong season for deck shoes if you think their main purpose is protecting your feet as you stroll up the beach for another mojito. Because of my wide feet I’m hoping, that they’ll stretch out just slightly, but I’m seriously considering swapping my Birkenstocks for these as my new slippers. If, on the other hand, you think you’ve more or less got what you need, then it might be time to stretch to something a bit different. Really love loafers? Perhaps time to get the tasseled pair.

Personally, I’d choose brown, but go for whichever you think you’ll get more use from. One item of clothing that I think will be a good purchase this summer is a pair of deck shoes. Pair these deck shoes with chinos and a button down shirt for a look that will take you through the season. If you are in the market for some bluchers, loafers, boat shoes, deck shoes with a hand-sewn toe, I suggest you give Eastland Made in Maine a look. A pleasingly fashionable pair of blue suede deck shoes from Charles Tyrwhitt followed and, given the undemanding purposes to which I meant to put them, I didn’t really care when the insole came loose within a week and a year later, the soles started falling off. I favour a slim shape with rounded toes and the lowest-profile stitching around the toe possible and, for your first buy, a non-tasseled pair might be safest although I would be the last person to dissuade you from tassels if you’re keen.

While they won’t be acceptable in a city club, they’re pretty much de rigeur in many yacht clubs and, dressed up with chinos and a shirt, are unlikely to be frowned upon in most restaurants. Renting a villa for a particular celebration or for those family vacations that are so much preferred allows you to spend some special days that certainly give you a well-deserved rest. Polished oxblood monks might look cracking with a casual suit but are probably a bit much to wear with chinos and a blazer. A loafer however oozes the relaxed and smart-casual look. A tan pair of women’s boat shoes will look great during the warmer months and look great paired with pastels, grey and white. Honestly, desk jobs are great for a lot of reasons and not so great for others. Live in a cold country and spend a lot of time wearing tweed?

Light wash jeans are the young pretender to raw denim’s deep blue – a brighter, more summer-friendly colourway that holds a certain nostalgic flavour, but feels fresh and modern at the same time. Their distinctive white soles are designed not to mark the white fiberglass that most modern boats are made of, and are cut in patterns known as ‘siping’; jagged, razor-thin cuts that open up as you walk and create suction (and therefore grip) on a smooth surface. When I read recently that billionaire businessman, three-time New York mayor and Democratic primary candidate, Michael Bloomberg, only owned two pairs of shoes my jaw dropped open like a barn door. Now, unfortunately, they’re completely unweareable so it was extremely timely to receive a new pair from Chatham Marine, a company with a proper sailing heritage and enough confidence in their products to provide the classic deck shoes with a two year guarantee.