Pastor Who Wrote Sinitta’s So Macho Wins Religious Discrimination Case

During the enchantment, he argued: ‘It is cheap for me to say, in response to Liz and anyone who says that ”individuals are born gay”, that paedophiles would also say that they had been born that method. This is my customary response to the argument about folks being born as homosexual. Later, when being questioned by area supervisor Jon Deakin, Rev Hargreaves turned ‘upset’ when he was requested about his membership of the Scottish Christian Party regardless of being warned not to because it was stated to be irrelevant. At London Central Tribunal Centre, Judge Andrew James dominated that Rev Hargreaves was harassed and discriminated towards on grounds of his religious beliefs because he was ignored by Ms Akano and inappropriately questioned by Mr Deakin. However, Judge James mentioned his comparability of homosexuality to paedophilia was an ‘argument fairly than belief’, and was more likely to trigger offence and will even have amounted to harassment in itself.

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